Sponsored Bike Ride 2018 update

December 24, 2018
The Staggering Results of the Manchester to Blackpool Bike Ride Appeal.


By John Thorpe.


Talking to Nigel over a coffee recently, I asked about the final total for the Manchester to Blackpool Bike Ride Appeal, and was absolutely bowled over when I found out that it was over £1100 !  This was the best total so far of all the years I have been doing the ride for Three Owls, and is especially gratifying in these hard economic times, when money certainly doesn't grow on trees and people are being bombarded with requests for money for one good cause or another on a daily basis. I am deeply grateful  to each and every one of you who contributed to this Appeal, and who continue to do so year on year. There is always a real danger in any long running event such as this that, to quote the phrase, 'the novelty will wear off', and people will grow bored of the same scenario. Obviously every year is different, and I always try to reflect this in my write-up for the website. Nigel tells me that he gets a lot of complimentary mail about the annual ride report, and even hints that I have a dedicated group of admirers out there waiting eagerly for my next work of literary genius!

           I tend to take it with a pinch of salt of course, but if only a small number of readers enjoy it, it is well worth the effort. The ride for 2019 is scheduled for Sunday the 7th of July, and I have already registered for it, such is my enthusiasm for pain, suffering and linament! As yet I don't know what number I will be allocated, but since this will be my 30th consecutive Manchester to Blackpool Ride, it would be nice if I could get number 30. I'm certainly keeping the fingers crossed that I remain fit and in one piece until after the event, and so is Nigel no doubt! The challenges facing nature seem to get greater with each passing year, and makes the work of Three Owls all the more essential. With your invaluable and continuing assistance, we can carry on the work which Mrs Watkinson started so many years ago. I would like to think that she knows what we have achieved together, and we can be proud that we kept the torch burning for Three Owls in spite of all the setbacks and heartaches we've faced over the years. Anyone can carry on when the going is easy, but it takes a special degree of dedication to pick yourself up from the ground and carry on. That's what we have all done, and we should, at this special time of year, be very proud of that.


John Thorpe


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