Getting ready for Christmas!

Well, thanks to the never-ending mild autumn, many of our colleagues at wildlife rescues are still able to be releasing adult birds back to the wild, rather than having to keep them over-winter in aviaries due to the usuall hard frosts we would be encountering at this time of year.

We were over at Three Owls Wood in Tarleton today, releasing a male pheasant who had recovered from a particularly nasty wing injury (and was too quick for my camera!), along with the red-legged partridge in the accompanying photograph; perhaps our Christmas Three Owls "Partridge in a Fir-tree" (I don't think we have any pear-trees on that Reserve!)

However, the mild weather IS causing problems for those sanctuaries treating hedgehogs, as they simply aren't hibernating and consequently are getting themselves into trouble due to lack of natural food availability. If you do find one wandering around during the day, then please do contact your nearest wildlife rescue centre for advice as to how best to help it. Local to Rochdale would either be Meltham Wildlife Rescue or Lower Moss Wood Wildlife Rescue. If supplementing theiri diet yourself, remember NO bread or milk, but meat-based cat food i.e. NOT fish-flavoured. Thanks.



Wild Bird Advice and information

Many people would help birds more, if they knew simple easy ways in which they could help wild birds, without going to too-much extra trouble. Often there are ways to help – that don’t actually ‘cost’ anything at all, but can make a huge difference to making birds welcome and safe in the environment around us.

One of the main causes of bird injuries (especially young birds in the summer months), is being attacked by both pet and feral cats. A simple way to combat thi

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